London market automation is accelerating

The new normal of remote working will help remove manual and ad hoc processes and ultimately improve London market data quality.


I doubt the London market ever imagined it would have to continue its digital transformation in
such extraordinary circumstances that will conceivably dominate day-to-day operations and
insurance technology projects for the foreseeable future.

“We need to automate as much as we can”

At a recent meeting a prospective DQPro customer summed up the unfolding situation as their
workforce begins operating from their spare bedrooms, lounges and home offices. “Now more than
ever those manual, office-based processes aren’t going to work…we need to automate as much
as we can.”

Unstructured procedures to check if a piece of data is accurate or up-to-date are almost impossible
when staff have limited ability to communicate face-to-face in an office environment or work on
their own machines off the usual networks, and now have to contend with limited access to
systems and platforms they previously managed from their office desktop.

Weeks or months from now, whenever the lockdown ends and social distancing rules are relaxed,
there will be continued challenges for those businesses that have limped through the crisis with
limited automation and manual approaches to data governance.

To transform digitally, the London market needs confidence in its data. All of it. And without proper
governance, confidence will be lacking in the data that needs to be trusted to make those
essential, competitive, timely, business-driving decisions.

Here at DQPro we’ve been proud to conduct remote pilots with leading specialty insurers
throughout this crisis – at the time of writing we have three such pilots underway – and continue to
demo our platform remotely to interested insurers. It’s vital for our industry to keep data checks
front and centre as we move forwards amid such global uncertainty – so don’t hesitate to get in
touch if you’d like any advice on data quality issues at your business, we are here to help.