Press Release – January 2018

Atticus Associates Launches London Market Data Confidence Campaign


11th January, 2018, London:

Leading London Market technology specialist and moderniser Atticus Associates has launched a campaign to highlight the need for (re)insurers to enhance their key resource – data – and to take ownership of the data that drives their businesses.

Data is the most important driver for any (re)insurance business. Most directors would agree with this fact, so why does incorrect data still impact so many companies? Research suggests that up to 90% of all spreadsheets contain errors which impact their overall results.

Atticus is challenging (re)insurers to ask themselves if the right things are being done in their businesses to ensure quality, compliant data.

It is offering demonstrations of DQPro, its innovative data monitoring platform. Developed in cooperation with Brit Insurance, DQPro automatically detects and flags operational, compliance and financial data issues at source and then tracks and controls issue resolution activity to completion.

Nick Mair, Co-Founder and CEO of Atticus Associates, commented:

“Poor quality data will not only lose a company its competitive edge, but also get its name flashing on the regulator’s radar for all the wrong reasons.

“At the same time, a culture of data accountability is key to the London Market’s success and competitiveness on the international scene. True data confidence means knowing that your company’s data is complete, accurate, compliant, and being monitored twenty four seven to tailored, exacting controls and standards.”

Three leading London Market carriers are already benefiting from DQPro’s ability to check their data health, help improve their business and satisfy ever more onerous compliance and audit demands.

DQPro offers an enterprise-wide view of a company’s operations to deliver absolute confidence in the data they hold, and its main features and benefits comprise:

  • Automatically monitoring data integrity/compliance across systems globally, 24/7
  • Evidencing data quality controls and audit including for Lloyd’s, Solvency II and a company’s own internal processes, with daily email updates
  • Using intelligent workflow to help create a culture of ‘right first time’ and business user ownership of data
  • A simple user interface provides a highly efficient, scalable alternative to existing people/spreadsheet heavy solutions

“By bringing together automated data monitoring, intelligent issue alerting and resolution workflow on a single, highly-scalable platform, our unique DQPro platform offers complete data confidence through a comprehensive, cost effective and dependable replacement of incumbent and manually intensive data quality and compliance practices,” Mair added.

DQPro is a fully-supported, market driven product with an exciting roadmap that is wholly aligned to industry needs. It allows business side as well as non technical business users to take control of their data checks, replacing  existing ad hoc methods with an automated solution to fully comply with Solvency II regulations, Lloyd’s and more.


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 Atticus Associates

Founded in 2008, Atticus Associates is a growing insurance technology specialist that provides a growing FTSE 250 and international client list with specialist Data Quality and Analytics solutions.

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